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Pvt. Abraham George Abbot

Pvt. Abraham George Abbott (Abbot)

       From Family Trees
Name - Abraham George Abbott
Birth Date - March 23, 1847
Died - Sept. 15, 1915 @ Elgin, Kane Co., Ill.

       From the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois
Elgin Guards
B Co.        69th Ill. Vol. Inft.
H Co.        69th Ill. Vol. Inft.
3 Months Service
   Mustered In - June 14, 1862 at Camp Douglas in Chicago.
   From Unit Hisory - Duty as guard over rebel prisoners at Camp Douglas.
   Mustered Out - Sept. 27, 1862 at Camp Douglas.

       From the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Wisconsin
H Co.        16th Wisc. Inft.
   Enlisted - March 10, 1864.
   Home of record listed as Erin.
   Wounded in Action at Atlanta.
   Participated in the Grand Review in Washington DC.
   Mustered Out - July 12, 1865 at Louisville, Ky.
Known actions;
Atlanta, Ga. July 21, 1864
Jonesboro, Ga. Sept. 1, 1864
Lovejoy Station, Ga. Sept. 2, 1864
March to the Sea Nov. 15, 1864
Bentonville, NC March 19, '65

       From the Post #49 records.
Joined Elgin GAR Veteran's Post #49 Dec. 18, 1883.

       From the 1956 Kane Co. Honor Roll
Soldier - Pvt. Abraham Geo. Abbott
Unit - Co. B&H   69th Ill. Inf.
Interred at - East Clinton Cemetery in Elgin Township, Ill.       (South Elgin)
Location - Grave 1, Lot 30, Block 7

       From the Find-A-Grave Index
Name - Abraham George Abbott
Born - March 23, 1847
Birth Place - Wisconsin
Death Date - Sept. 15, 1915
Death Place - Elgin, Kane Co., Ill.
Cemetery - South Elgin
Burial Place - South Elgin, Kane Co., Ill.
Spouse - Lydia Jane Abbott

Used with permission Dan Mallett
Many members of Post #49 sewed watch faces to their ribbons to show they were from Elgin.

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